The Birth Of This Blog

Hi everyone! My name is Ali and I am creating this blog to share tips and tricks regarding coding. I am a professional developer who works primarily in Salesforce. I cannot count the amount of times I have Googled how to do something when I was coding, from declaring and filling an array to sending an email. I want to write this blog to share the things I have learned and to catalog the simple mechanics of coding that I have always looked up. Hopefully, with these building blocks in place, you can learn something from my experiences!

I am going to focus mostly on Salesforce and Apex development, but I also code in Visual Basic (Excel macros), Python, and databasing. I am also going to cover some of the tools commonly used to complete a project. This way, you won’t have to do some of the digging I did to get your IDE up and running or make an API call.

3 thoughts on “The Birth Of This Blog

  1. hi, im very exciterd for learning code from you, thanks and Merry wishes, i’ll will be following closely your works on this Page ! Thank You again; Ali .

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