VBA Text Formatting And Font Formatting

Formatting text is one of the most powerful ways you can improve the adoption and usability of your Excel files. Excel has robust text formatting and font capability and these are available in VBA. Writing a macro that can insert text with certain text attributes and fonts or manipulate existing cells formatting can come handyContinue reading “VBA Text Formatting And Font Formatting”

Form Controls: How To Use Them In Excel And VBA

One of the coolest things about Excel is the ability to add Form Controls. Form Controls are interactive UI elements you have probably seen many times. They can be: Command Buttons Combo boxes Checkboxes Form Controls are great because they are intuitive ways to interact with a piece of software that everyone can understand. ImplementingContinue reading “Form Controls: How To Use Them In Excel And VBA”

Excel VBA Sum Range Of Cells

Summing values is pretty simple in Excel with a spreadsheet and the SUM() function. You just set a cell to have a formula, ‘=SUM([Range]),’ and you can sum the values in any Range. But how can you the same in VBA? It took me a bit of digging to figure this one one, surprisingly. IContinue reading “Excel VBA Sum Range Of Cells”

Excel VBA If, Else-If, and Case Conditions

Conditional statements are one of the most fundamental building blocks in any coding language, and Excel VBA conditionals are no different. VBA supports If, Else-If, and Case conditions so you can achieve whatever your application needs elegantly. Excel VBA If statements are a great place to start learning about coding principles, and this post willContinue reading “Excel VBA If, Else-If, and Case Conditions”

Excel VBA Loop Through Rows, Cells, or Columns

Using VBA to loop through rows, cells and columns can transform the way you handle your spreadsheets. In this post, I’ll cover a few ways you can achieve this with some helpful examples. The key to looping through any of these objects is the Range object. The Range object represents a cell, or a selectionContinue reading “Excel VBA Loop Through Rows, Cells, or Columns”

How To Use Excel VBA Find, With Example!

Finding a value in a sheet can be very handy when using Excel VBA, within macros or sheet code. Luckily, VBA has a Find function that you can call on a Range, which can find values in the sheet. It also allows you to configure how the function will search for whatever you’re looking for.Continue reading “How To Use Excel VBA Find, With Example!”

The Right Way To Do Last Modified Date In Excel (Without Using TODAY)

Excel still holds an important place in a lot of the business software world. Underneath its simple spreadsheet is a powerful tool with its own robust coding language (Visual Basic) and frameworks. I recently ran into an interesting problem when I was working on an Excel project: How do I store the last modified dateContinue reading “The Right Way To Do Last Modified Date In Excel (Without Using TODAY)”