How To Build A Website

I’m sure there are a million articles on the internet about how to build a website. I was always curious about how to build my own website, especially after being a professional developer for a few years. My professional work always had me developing and iterating over existing pieces of work or working within anContinue reading “How To Build A Website”

Excel VBA Loop Through Rows, Cells, or Columns

Using VBA to loop through rows, cells and columns can transform the way you handle your spreadsheets. In this post, I’ll cover a few ways you can achieve this with some helpful examples. The key to looping through any of these objects is the Range object. The Range object represents a cell, or a selectionContinue reading “Excel VBA Loop Through Rows, Cells, or Columns”

LWC Table Pagination – With Example!

So far, we have covered how to make a table, sort a table, and search a table. One more feature we can implement to improve navigation is LWC table pagination. Pagination is when the table only displays a subset of records. Users navigate through the table using numbers, representing pages in the table, or arrows.Continue reading “LWC Table Pagination – With Example!”